Donate Responsibly

Whether you are planning to donate money, food, clothes or other items, or looking to volunteer to help the homeless, make your donation lead to meaningful change in someone’s life. Help Change Lives. Donate Responsibly.

Giving spare change, food, clothing or other items to the homeless on our streets may seem like a good idea, but it has many unintended consequences that hurt our community and the homeless we are trying to help.

These donations enable a homeless person to remain on the streets, and deters him or her from accessing services and programs that help homeless individuals move off the streets.

Also, as we have seen numerous times over the years, when food, blankets or other items are given directly to the homeless on the streets the donated items end up creating a significant amount of trash. This increased trash has resulted in increased spending from the local government agencies that must clean it up. Plus there are health concerns related to handing out food to the homeless, as that food is not regulated by the government. In recent years, some homeless individuals have become sick after eating food donated just to them.

Instead, we are asking that you direct your generosity to the programs and organizations that work with the homeless.

Some of these organizations provide meals, clothes and other items to the homeless, in addition to providing services such as case management, job training, and mental health and substance abuse treatment.

There are also opportunities through some organizations for private groups to distribute food and other items to the homeless through structured program activities. This gives the homeless the opportunity to access the donations while also accessing services that help them become more self-sufficient.

Local organizations always need assistance through monetary or in-kind donations, as well as service through structured volunteer activities. These donations build the capacity for these organizations to better serve local homeless clients.

Help our homeless get the most from your generous donation by donating directly to a cause or organization that works with the homeless.