Air Quality Forecast
Seasonal Ozone Advisory Issued Through Sept. 30
(Updated 5/24/2017)
  Ozone Carbon Monoxide Dust/Smoke/Soot
Wed (5/24/2017)   UNH-SG Good Good
Thu (5/25/2017)   UNH-SG Good Good
Fri (5/26/2017)   Moderate Good Good
Sat (5/27/2017)   Moderate Good Good
Sun (5/28/2017)   Moderate Good Good
From our Meteorologists:

High pressure will yield to a trough moving in bringing breezy SW winds today and tomorrow afternoon into evening hours both days. Possibility of localized areas of blowing dust. Ozone levels are expected to reach Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (USG) level today and tomorrow.

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