Air Quality
Air Quality Forecast
Air Quality Officials Issue Seasonal Ozone Advisory for April Through September

(Updated 7/1/2015)
  Ozone Carbon Monoxide Dust/Smoke/Soot
Wed (7/1/2015)   Moderate Good Moderate
Thu (7/2/2015)   Moderate Good Good
Fri (7/3/2015)   Moderate Good Good
Sat (7/4/2015)   Moderate Good Good
Sun (7/5/2015)   Moderate Good Good
From our Meteorologists:

Flow from High pressure over West US will continue to limit transport of pollutants from California into Southern Nevada and force smoke from wildfires into Northern California. This will result in Moderate levels of Ozone. With late afternoon/evening thunderstorm activity providing possibility of strong, gusty winds over area, expect dust to reach Moderate levels today, too.

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