Air Quality Forecast

(Updated 12/14/2017)
  Ozone Carbon Monoxide Dust/Smoke/Soot
Thu (12/14/2017)   Good Good Moderate
Fri (12/15/2017)   Good Good Moderate
Sat (12/16/2017)   Good Good Moderate
Sun (12/17/2017)   Good Good Good
Mon (12/18/2017)   Good Good Moderate
From our Meteorologists:

First cold front of two has moved through S NV with second one moving through area late Saturday afternoon resulting in breezy wind conditions. However, cold fronts are fast moving which will allow High pressure to quickly build right back over area. The result will be an AQ in the Moderate range for most of the period as fine particulate matter (PM) build-up during nocturnal and early morning stable periods. - - You can follow Clark County air quality conditions and updates on Twitter: @CCAirQuality. - -

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