Air Quality
Air Quality Forecast
Air Quality Officials Issue Seasonal Ozone Advisory for April Through September

(Updated 7/29/2015)
  Ozone Carbon Monoxide Dust/Smoke/Soot
Wed (7/29/2015)   Moderate Good Good
Thu (7/30/2015)   Moderate Good Good
Fri (7/31/2015)   Moderate Good Good
Sat (8/1/2015)   Good Good Good
Sun (8/2/2015)   Good Good Good
From our Meteorologists:

Airflow from the SE for a few days starts to bring moisture that moderate ozone levels, though periods of SW airflow tend to keep it at seasonal Moderate levels. If the moisture develops stronger by the weekend then ozone levels could be in the Good range. Wind speeds are remaining low enough to not cause dust concerns. -- For present air quality, see the "More Detailed Monitoring Information" button on left, then the Additional Info tab near top of screen.

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